Friday, March 12, 2010

Heavy Trucks Mangle Roads

Area motorists traveling some secondary roads are being hit by a one-two punch as "normal freeze-thaw cycles" and "heavy-truck traffic" are causing deteriorating road conditions, PennDOT said Thursday.
Bradford County Commissioner John Sullivan said trucks in the gas drilling industry are causing significant road damage in Bradford County.

"I think the gas companies are trying to act in good faith," Sullivan said. "They said they were going to take care of the roads, but they just underestimated badly" the extent of the damage their trucks would cause in Bradford County, he said.
"I think it's only a matter of time before someone gets hurt or even worse," due to the road damage caused by heavy truck traffic in Bradford County, Burlington Twp. Supervisor, Ed Grant said. "This is serious. I can't overemphasize this."

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  1. Okay. Perhaps the Texas and Oklahoma gas drillers didn't realize what the roads are like in NE Pennsylvania after winter weather. However, the commissioners of Bradford County, the residents of the county, and the DOT surely are very well acquainted with these problems. Why didn't they speak up and demand more from the gas drillers when they had the chance? Why did Commissioner Sullivan give the industry the benefit of the doubt here? His optimism that the industry will make everything come out right is naive in my opinion.

  2. The heavy loads also have the potential to ruin existing energy pipelines! To say nothing of water & sewer lines.

    I saw where one PA gas drilling rig was 50 tons, but it was cited for using a road only rated for 10 tons.

    Taxpayers are likely to get stuck with the bill for such antics.

  3. I am a driver of a heavy load truck in a heavy hauling company. I have a lot of experience driving that on the road because the steering wheel of it was not easy to stir.

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