Saturday, March 27, 2010

FYI: Chesapeake Energy spent $720,000 lobbying in 4Q

The Associated Press Week
March 26, 2010

Natural gas producer Chesapeake Energy spent $720,000 in the fourth quarter to lobby the federal government on natural gas issues, climate change and natural gas vehicles, according to a recent disclosure.

That's up from the $590,000 that the company spent in the third quarter.

The company also lobbied Congress on hydraulic fracturing, according to the report filed Jan. 19 with the House clerk's office. The technique involves injecting massive amounts of water, sand and chemicals underground to unlock huge natural gas reserves. The technique has gained widespread use, but it has raised concerns about environmental damage in some areas, and the Environmental Protection Agency has said it will spend $1.9 million to study potential human health and water quality threats.

Chesapeake, based in Oklahoma City, has used this technique to become one of the nation's largest gas producers. It has maintained that the technique is safe.

Chesapeake also has pushed for greater consumption of natural gas for electricity and other uses because of the ample supplies and because it releases far less carbon dioxide than coal.



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  1. But...Chesapeake must be good. Their commercials tell me that if I'm opposed to what they're doing, I'm being unpatriotic. I don't wanna be unpatriotic!

    I gave blood at the Red Cross on Saint Patrick's Day. As a reward I got a lovely green t-shirt with the message "It takes more than luck to save a life - give blood." On the back of the shirt is the logo for the people providing the shirt, almost the same size as the front design: Chesapeake Energy. I'll have to work on a way of drawing a circle with a line through it with fabric paint!



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