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Fuel spill reported in Armenia Township
Published: March 10, 2010

ARMENIA TWP. - Talisman Energy spokesman Mark Scheuerman said a spill of between 50 and 200 gallons of diesel fuel that occurred at a Talisman gas well pad location in Armenia Township this week wasn't a "typical incident for us."

The spill, which he said Tuesday has been contained, occurred mid-day Monday at the Putnam well along Fallbrook Road... The source of the spill, he said, is believed to be a drilling rig component, but he couldn't be more specific. He added that fuel is no longer leaking from the source. How it occurred is still being determined, he said, adding the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is investigating.


He said the amount of fuel spilled is "certainly out of the ordinary."

"It's not an incident that can't be dealt with, but it's an incident that needs to be handled accordingly," Scheuerman said. "I don't want to label it as a major incident, but it's not a typical incident for us. (Duh, w0t???) This is something that deserves immediate attention and continuous monitoring."

The snow melt, he said, over the last few days makes the containment more challenging.

He said that, with the snow melting, this leaves a surface that is inconsistent with patches of water and snow as well as dry locations. This doesn't make for ideal clean-up conditions, he said. (WOT!???)

The DEP was contacted, and was at the scene Monday afternoon and Tuesday.

He said the fuel did get in a ditch and into a nearby farm field. "Our efforts are to make sure we monitor that run-off and that it has as little impact as possible," he said.

He said it was estimated that the fuel was spilled over 50 to 100 yards.

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