Thursday, November 12, 2009

More Dead Life

A while ago... September 1st to be exact, I posted about the birds that died while searching for water, mistakenly lured permanently into a gooey sludgepit in South Texas, on or near the McGill Brothers Lease.
ExxonMobil, having just paid a 600,000$ fine for the death of 85 birds in August, apparently hadn't caught up with its negligence.

Not by a long shot it seems, judging from these recent photos.

Once again ExxonMobil STILL looks negligent!

Stagnant water>dead bodies>disease.
(Grating could so easily prevent this.)

These photos are taken from Mrs. Burns' November 8th post (ExxonMobil -- nature lover), on her great American saga of a blog: A satirical view from the McGill Brothers Lease.

Just a few weeks ago (Oct. 26th), she posted a photo and details of a tractor turned fireball when the driver, a volunteer fire fighter disking fire breaks hit one of XOM's gas lift lines and blew up.
Luckily, he's only 'charred'... but the place reads like a mine field and it's only a matter of time before the next casualty. It certainly doesn't look like there's much remediation going on to prevent it.

How long does this industry imagine it can play the deadly charade too many heedless profiteers, corporate and political alike, are giving a green light?
What will be the ultimate sacrifice that draws their serious, proactive acknowledgement? ...Will we all be dying of thirst? Will it be too late? What's your guess? What are you going to do about it?


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