Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blogger Gagged by XOM!

In a seemingly senseless move, and certainly one that doesn't look so good for public relations, ExxonMobil has sought to prevent one woman's free expression of her observations and experiences, showing us all, in her blog, the abuse being casually, or is it recklessly, waged on her family's land and the places that surround her.
Look here.
How is it ok to have a toxic open pit like this one, luring unwitting birds, hoping to find water during a drought?

Didn't XOM just get fined $600,000 plus community service payments under a deal with the federal government concerning violations of a federal migratory bird law in five states including Texas?
Read that story HERE.

Meanwhile, have a look at the gagged blogger's story (problems) HERE.
It's no contest folks... but it IS democracy vs. capitalism in a very lopsided battle!
...something about trade secrets again...
How can our government allow this kind of crooked justice and at the same time uphold the constitution? I'm confused...
Where does the help come from for this blogger and her family's land?
WHY does a victim become a defendant and have to find clout just to live a normal life in peace?


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