Friday, November 20, 2009

Residents Take Action to Correct Conduct by Natural Gas Company in Dimock, PA

Families will announce an important development in their fight to restore homes, land and community after environmental onslaught

DIMOCK, PA – Fifteen families living on Carter Road in Dimock Township, Pennsylvania, located in Susquehanna County in the northeast region of the State, plan to announce on Friday, November 20, 2009, the filing of a civil lawsuit in Federal Court in an effort to require a major gas and oil drilling company to repair the damage that has occurred to themselves, their homes and properties as a consequence of drilling for natural gas.

Beginning with Cabot's solicitations in 2006, these families entered into gas lease agreements with Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation, headquartered in Houston, Texas. These lease agreements allowed Cabot to extract natural gas from beneath their properties in exchange for monetary compensation. These families, like so many others who signed leases, had high hopes for a better future with the revenue this activity was supposed to provide.

The Carter Road families maintain they were given assurances that their property and land resources would remain substantially preserved for themselves and their children and that their health and quality of life would not be adversely affected by drilling operations. In addition, if it was determined that Cabot’s operations were adversely affecting their water supply, then Cabot would immediately disclose that information to the families and take all steps necessary to return their water supply to pre-drilling conditions.

Instead, these residents have had their hopes dashed, their health threatened, their safety and way of life destroyed, and the pristine land around them compromised.

The complaint will assert that the families suffer environmental contamination and pollution caused by the conduct and activities of Cabot. It will be alleged that Cabot caused the release of combustible gas into the underground water supply and discharged hazardous chemicals and industrial wastes onto properties and into local streams. The families are requesting a clean up under the Hazardous State Clean Up Act, and medical monitoring, as well as compensatory damages for their loss of property value, emotional distress, and personal injury.



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