Tuesday, October 13, 2009


DISH mayor calls for facility shutdown until emissions controlled

“Frankly, I didn’t think the results would come back as bad as they did,” said Mayor Calvin Tillman. “TCEQ needs to shut these compressors down immediately and until we can get emission controls that protect the residents living right up against this infrastructure.”
The Town of DISH serves as a warning for other communities dealing with the shale gas industry as it drills newly accessible deposits across the country, including Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Arkansas.

"Living with this type of infrastructure and development is difficult to imagine until it’s here. You can feel and hear the compressor engines roaring," says Kathy Chruscielski, a citizen activist with the Texas Oil & Gas Accountability Project. "It's like living next to a 24 hour truck stop. Homeowners suddenly find themselves next door to an industrial zone with very little recourse at the federal and state levels." In Horseheads, New York, Schlumberger – a $75 billion multinational energy company -- is proposing a 65-acre distribution and bulk chemical storage facility that will serve drilling and fracturing operations in the Marcellus Shale deposit.

“Based on Horseheads’ welcome of Schlumberger, I don’t think the Village government really has thought about what’s coming,” says Wes Gillingham of Catskill Mountainkeeper. “Experience like DISH’s and others warn of the too often negative consequences of shale infrastructure.”

For the full report and news release, see Oct. 13 posts, HERE and HERE on the essential blog Bluedaze.

Watch Dallas Fort Worth WFAA news footage HERE. (Notice all the dead trees!)

Carcinogens and neurotoxins found in the air over DISH include: benzene, xylene, carbon disulfide, dimethyl sulfide, dimethyl disulfide, carbonyl sulfide, carbonyl disulfide, methyl ethyl disulfide, ethyl methyl ethyl disulfide, trimethyl benzene, methyl pyridine, dimethyl pyridine...
some at levels 100x Texas state standards!
Industry MUST do better than this!!!


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