Monday, October 12, 2009

More Dead Fish in Pennsylvania...

Brush Run tributary site of spill

By Michael Bradwell Business editor
10/10/2009 3:33 AM

Editorializing by Splashdown in red.

Range Resources said Friday that a temporary above-ground water transfer line connection failed Tuesday night and discharged about 250 barrels of partially recycled flowback and fresh water into a small, unnamed tributary to Brush Run on private property in Hopewell Township.

The company said the water, which contained about 1 percent chloride salt, killed between 200 and 300 minnows but other aquatic species living in the tributary survived.

Helen Humphreys, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Environmental Protection, said species including crawfish and frogs also were observed to be impaired or dying. DEP officials inspected about four-tenths of a mile of Brush Run in the area of the spill.
Brush Run is a high-quality stream under Pennsylvania law, meaning it meets standards of chemical and biological makeup that warrant special protection.
The company said it will work with local authorities and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat commission to restock the unnamed tributary.

CLICK HERE to read about how Range Resources responded appropriately and will update their management practices and equipment and review the lessons they have learned with DEP, after the fact and once again, at the expense of Life Itself. ...How did they miss those crawfish and frogs???


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  1. More dead creatures! Will it ever end? If the gas drillers have anything to say about it, death will not end. Animals, humans, the planet! Gas drillers have no favorites.



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