Monday, April 13, 2009

Chesapeake Infiltrates Bradford County's Organs of Free Expression Yet Again!

They bought into the Arts Council for $25,000, and now they've bought into this county's major daily newspaper AND the minds of our children... In a joint statement, Chesapeake Energy, The Daily & Sunday Review announce major Newspaper in Education Sponsorship. Of course it's being touted as a good thing.
Chesapeake is investing in the community in any number of ways... outclassing all the other major industries that operate here...
what's not to love?

Can't Buy Me Love...
The lessons are all there to be learned, from places like Arlington and DISH, Texas... or right here in Dimock, PA. Wherever they go, Chesapeake and the other drillers practice the same deceptions to look good and get people to sign their leases. The truth is going to be harder and harder to discover as the gas industry buys its way into more and more of our channels of independent thinking.

Stop the Boone-doggle!
At the national level, wealthy oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens is spinning a pack of lies to Americans in environmentally compassionate-sounding TV comercials, telling us, as one who's btdt, the days of Big Oil are over and we need to focus on alternative energy sources... like solar and wind... and clean burning gas! It's that last one, the gas, that he really means though, cause he's heavily invested in it, and now that the price of ngas has fallen to levels that make it unprofitable to drill, he's out promoting the use of natural gas hoping that'll drive the price back up.
He's trying to use us to get richer. Pickens Plan is mobilizing under-informed citizens, encouraging them to join his Virtual March on Washington, and send prefab letters to President Obama and their Senators and Representatives to vote for the NAT GAS Act of 2009... like it's a good thing.
Go to his Virtual March on Washington website, and sign up to send letters. BUT, under Follow these steps to Take Action, COMPOSE MESSAGE, change the Subject to read: I DO NOT support the NAT GAS Act of 2009.
Then highlight and replace the body of the letter with your own message, or paste in the following:
Promoting what seem like environmentally conscious policies, T. Boone Pickens is using his wealth to propagandize for passage of the NAT GAS Act of 2009. To that end he has established what he is calling his New Energy Army, to function as a lobby for his interests. And, he has produced a letter he wants everyone in his Army to send you in support of the NAT GAS Act.
He favors this legislation because it will drive the price of natural gas back up, making drilling more profitable once again. It has, he states, "almost all of the elements fostering the use of natural gas that we have been pushing for in the Pickens Plan."
-It extends the tax credit for natural gas used as a transportation fuel.
-It provides a tax credit for 80 percent of the additional cost when purchasing a dedicated natural gas vehicle.
-It creates incentives for the major manufacturers to sell natural gas vehicles (which they already produce for overseas markets) in the United States.
-It requires that 50 percent of the vehicles the federal government buys over the next five years to run on natural gas.

It artificially creates a market for Pickens' other fossil fuel investment. In other words, protecting his investments and growing them.

If the only fuel which is available to reduce our dependence on foreign oil is domestic natural gas, why are we selling it to Eastern European countries, and why are we importing liquid natural gas from foreign producers?
The arguments in favor of this legislation do not match the realities of the the marketplace. We have seen enough deception and mismanagement of and by our government. We need our legislators to bring reason and ethics to bear, with concern for Life and the Environment preemptive.

While natural gas burns cleaner than diesel fuel, extraction generates excessive and irrevocably destructive pollution. It IS a severe threat to an even more vital resource, WATER. Hydro-fracking for gas not only demands extreme quantities of water, it renders it radioactive and otherwise unusable, removing it forever from the life sustaininig hydrologic cycle. I favor legislation directing funds to develop wind, solar, hydrogen, geothermal, battery, fuel cell or other technologies now. When we run out of gas we will need to find an alternative. When we run out of water there is no alternative.

I urge you NOT support this legislation. I will be watching your press and floor remarks for statements of support.

Yours truly,

The gas drilling industry is a giant juggernaut! It's maneuvering and manipulating us almost faster than we can understand what's happening. Time is of the essence. We can't afford to be complacent. Once upon a time, this gas well landscape looked VERY different:


  1. " I hope the Daily Review will write articles which tell our children the truth about the devastating health and environmental problems the gas industry will cause in Bradford County. Contaminated water, respiratory illnesses, sick animals and pets, deforestation, increase in drug-related issues from gas drillers, dangerous road conditions and increase in traffic accidents, air pollution, soil contamination, and the list goes on. As long as these topics are covered thoroughly and not just a sentence or two, I will be in favor of this collaboration. "

  2. I think the Daily Review will continue to cover up for the oil industry as long as they throws money in advertising/school ect. Compare the newspaper finacial standing from last year to now and we can all see why they will not telll the truth about Cheseapeake Engery and what it is doing to Bradford County, PA.



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