Thursday, April 30, 2009


Looking at the photos of those innocent cows lying dead in their pasture, with that death factory as their immediate backdrop, one has to wonder how on earth we "humans" could be so insensitive and inured, or is it oblivious or apathetic or just downright selfish and greedy, or heedlessly WHAT!??? as to allow those two very opposite worlds to inhabit the same landscape!
President Obama last night, speaking out against torture, explained that condoning it in any circumstance allowed a degradation of our integrity that is unthinkable... unacceptable. Allowing conditions like this... recklessly using lethal ingredients in dangerously close proximity to Life Being Lived... fracking 150 feet from grazing land, storing unprotected barrels of methanol 100 feet from a 4 year old child's backyard, poisoning drinking water, ETC. tortures everyone who holds civilized being dear.


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  1. Splash- I share your outrage. Do those who drill wells next to cow pastures or little girls' swing sets ever ask themselves, "Is this a good idea?" Surely they are very aware of the chemicals they inject into the earth. Or do gas companies keep that information from their workers? As workers watched those cows keel over and listened to the loud bellowing, did they ask themselves if they could continue doing this job? Do their consciences bother them? Well, they may be desperate for jobs. Perhaps that makes them impervious to the pain and death they are causing.



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