Monday, April 13, 2009

Water-pumping Site Proposed in Athens Township, PA

Guest Editorial by Peacegirl
Chesapeake Appalachia LLC needs more. Get used to that. The gas industry will take whatever it needs from Bradford County as it has done in Texas. Now Chesapeake wants more land (23+ acres) for a water-pumping site. And it wants 1 million gallons of water from the Chemung River every day. Apparently they already have another such facility in East Athens. An electric pump will take water from the river and store it in tanks where huge water trucks will come and fill up. I wonder how quiet these electric water pumps are. This proposed facility requires a conditional use permit. The public will have a chance to attend a hearing May 14th. The gas company has given a reason for the necessity of doing this. It says this will alleviate some of the traffic to and from the other site in East Athens. I predict that reasoning will convince the residents to go along with it. Most local people do not understand the consequences of what Chesapeake Energy intends to do to Bradford County. It's not really their fault. They are not told the whole truth. Alleviating traffic may be a goal of sorts, but the main goal is to extract our natural resources, tear up our environment, and then leave with fistfuls of money. If that truth were told, people would not stand for it. Isn't it amazing how a little change in zoning which looks so innocuous actually contributes to a much larger result, one which we will probably all regret before long? That saying, "It's never too late," does not apply in this case.


  1. Is the other site also pumping 1 MILLION gallons of water a day?

    Do you realize that the water, if it is used for fracking, will probably be pumped down an injection/disposal well where it will be forever removed from our hydrologic cycle?

    Is this water to be recycled or for disposal?

    A few years from now, we can tell our children as they are dying from dehydration or from drinking contaminated water, "Sorry, we needed the water for gas."

  2. A water-pumping site has been approved for the west side of Athens. Now that this a go, there was an application to rezone the adjoining property to industrial. I smelled a rat that needed nipping in the bud. There was a smoke screen for the reason to rezone, which won over my letters to the editor.

    It was brought up at the hearing on August 20, 2009 that the purpose of the rezoning, was to allow for Hawg Hauling, a subsidiary of Chesapeake Energy, a terminal for their tanker trucks next to the pump station. The supervisors voted to rezone the property. THE PROBLEM: It is directly across the Chemung River from south Athens borough. And as fisherman know, sound travels very easily across the river.

    I'm interested in appealing. Email me.

    Michael Buynak



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