Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Barnett Shale... Marcellus Shale...

Here's a post that'll give your mouse some exercise, starting with the MUST READ post by TXsharon over on Bluedaze, Barnett Shale Money Creates a Public Deaf, Dumb and Blind to Risks which links to the MUST READ article in the Fort Worth Weekly, by Don Young, Learning to Love Big Gas.

When you read these stories, and you contrast the bait with the hook, line and sinker, you have to sit up straight and pour yourself a V-8!
It occured to me, and I hope it'll to occur to more and more folks everywhere:

This is an important post, and it links to an important article because it reveals exactly how the gas industry is eroding democracy in the guise of benevolence, while really they're buying guarantees to their own corrupt brand of outlaw freedom!

What makes this information so vital is that this is not just happening in Fort Worth or in Texas. It's being repeated here in Bradford County, PA on the Marcellus shale (and no doubt in lots of other places as well). The 'benefactors' seem quite pleased (while apparently, like TXsharon says, "Deaf, Dumb and Blind to Risks"), but what they're giving away is everyone's America... or what's left of it once the drillers buy it out from under us.

For an actual example of what's being exposed here, don't miss TXsharon's next post, in which she shows us pictures of the Chesapeake display in the library. Notice especially the picture of the "Frack Pond" ... See how blue (clean) they've portrayed the water as being?
Now who doesn't know that's a lie???


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