Friday, June 11, 2010

Sucking Up the Susquehanna

Just across the river bridge at Ulster, PA, a seemingly endless stream of trucks
(labelled FRESH WATER or RESIDUAL WASTE, doesn't seem to matter)
arrive empty and depart filled with water from the hydrants at this pumping station.

Does anybody know... are there meters on these hydrants?



  1. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, yes they are metered. There have been many occasions that these suck trucks are shut down due to the fact that they have hit their daily allowable limit. How insane is that!!!!

  2. The Susquehanna River has been a special river to me all my life because I would visit French Azilum every summer and swim in the river at our landing. Then we would float down the river in inner tubes. So this stealing of water makes me sick. After being used for hydrofracking, the water is never the same. It becomes toxic. Some of it will probably be treated somewhere and diluted to allowable proportions of toxins and then put back in the river, but this is a bad thing, too. It means that toxic chemicals will be put into the river on a regular basis. There is no upside to this deal.


  4. Don't leave us in suspense, Mr. Anonymous - tell us your point. Are we supposed to be so horrified by the sight of oil-covered animals that we rush to commit regional seppuku just so you can save the world with natural gas? Many of the same toxic compounds that come up with oil also come up with natural gas - it just doesn't make for such dramatic photography. Will junking up our rivers and aquifers save those animals? No. No, it won't. Not even a little.



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