Friday, January 22, 2010

Clean Water Action Hearing on NEW DEP Standards for Dumping Frack Water in Bradford County

Come and Speak your Mind!
A Message from:
Brady Russell
Eastern Pennsylvania Director
Clean Water Action

As many of you know, DEP has proposed new wastewater discharge standards (aka, Chapter 95 standards) that would have a big impact on Marcellus Drilling. These standards would make it much, much harder for drillers to wreck our streams by dumping frack water at wastewater plants that can't really handle its water. There are shortcomings, though.

Here's the Environmental Quality Board's Request for Public Comment:
(scroll to the bottom). *Comments close on 2/12*

If you want to register comment as an individual in a quick and easy way, Clean Water has an online action you can take:

NOTE: If you're living in Northeast Pennsylvania, DEP did NOT do a public hearing nearby you. They did four, and a lot of people showed up, but the Northeast got left out. So Clean Water Action is organizing one. ... We'll be collecting verbal testimony at the hearing and also giving folks who come a chance to make written testimony. All of this will be hand delivered to DEP the next day.

Basic info:
Unauthorized Wastewater Hearing
Thursday, 2/4/2010, 4:30PM to 6PM
Bradford County Conservation District
RR5, Box 5030C
Towanda, PA

We don't plan to do much of a program. Folks will just speak. Press will be invited. The amount of time that folks have to speak will depend on how many people sign up, but plan for 5 minutes. Written copies of testimony would be greatly, greatly appreciated, as we could deliver that to DEP along with the video.

RSVP's aren't required, but they are helpful. Please email Brady Russell at if you plan to come. If you'd like to sign up to speak in advance, please indicate that. If you plan to bring others with you, please send me your best guess as to how many.

Thank you!



  1. It is easy for this president to talk about the terrible problems with carbon emissions as fossil fuels can relate to the partisan issue of oil, but when it comes to clean water, it appears he is content to allow a two decade plan for invasive s in ballast water despite the carbon footprint associated with shipping fossil fuels and foreign manufactured consumer goods. Perhaps if environmental trade agreements were established with countries in the new world were ballast water was not as problematic, the carbon footprints and dirty water trail left by ships taking oil to China from South America, allowing for the Chinese to hide their manufacturing emission, before using the dirty water trail and carbon emission of their ships to bring foreign manufactured goods into our country while Americans are out of work. Maybe strong manufacturing economies on our borders might offer more security. It is a fact that our current Secretary of State was not concerned with natural water movement for interstate transportation of fish, while she was involved with drawing up regulation for testing fish only, before release of the fish and their transport waters into NY waters, despite lack of federal endorsement across state lines and NY state receiving information about chemical use and chemical sales across state lines by these same farmers, from Arkansas or the added natural waters in transit. It also might be noted that the great lakes are imperil for invasive carp released from a southern fish farm, and yet although many politicians are calling for closure of a canal in our presidents home state, he is against it because of the economic damage in his home state regardless of the risk for economic disaster for many states in our country that will dwarf that of his home state. Interesting that one theory is the carp may spread from eggs in ballast system used by canal barges. As we recover from the economic crisis with States spending huge amount of money to protect their waters from invasive s because of inaction by our federal government despite historic legislation during 2008 for change, it should be recorded in history that as shipping again begins to increase the flow of foreign goods this administration has not addressed the need for legislation knowing our waters are still being destroyed. One can only wonder if a policy, of depending on China to buy our treasury notes will not allow us the freedom to protect our water, as China the largest ship builders in the world began to ramp up importation of their foreign manufactured goods to our large retail employers, the largest having their parent company in a state were our current Secretary of state is a former first lady.

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