Monday, March 16, 2009

Truth *and* Consequences

While it is still uncertain whether Cabot Oil & Gas knew they were violating regulations, they have been accused of being responsible for contaminating wells supplying water to at least nine homes in Dimock, PA.
Despite those "meticulous safeguards", it is apparently not so "impossible that drilling has contaminated the groundwater." (see our Fri., March 13 post)
As reported in today's Times Leader, "The situation has become an example of a statewide issue regarding the unknown consequences of gas drilling. Water contamination concerns have caused environmental agencies, including DEP and the Susquehanna River Basic Commission, to increase their regulation and oversight, hindering drillers’ efforts to secure permits quickly." For the full story, CLICK HERE.

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  1. Barbara Arrindell, co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Damascus Citizens for Sustainability,

    talked about the situation in Dimock, PA, in her excellent presentation on March 17th. She said that Cabot (drilling company) has laid out a 3,000 acre gas field there. Dimock is a small little town, 30 square miles, population 1,398. Imagine what a devastating impact this gas field will have on Dimock. Arrindell also explained that the devices which have been placed in the homes where production gas has contaminated well water only measures methane. However, a full range of harmful chemicals, such as hydrogen sulfide and CO2, are also present in every case. Her talk can be viewed in three parts at

    entitled GAS DRILLING IS UNSAFE. (Scroll down to find it.)



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