Friday, March 13, 2009

It's All About the Water... Water Everywhere...

I can't remember news coming out of anywhere in our area talking about well water that just started going brown and making people and animals feel sick, lose their hair and projectile vomit! Water you can light with a match! Can you? But that's what's happening over in Dimock, PA where Cabot Oil & Gas has been drilling wells recently.
Industry spokesmen maintain the groundwater is protected by meticulous safeguards and that any chemicals used are heavily diluted and pose no health threat.
It is "impossible" that drilling has contaminated the groundwater, said Cabot spokesman Kenneth Komoroski."
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  1. For a frack job that uses 2 million gallons of fresh water roughly 80,000 pounds of chemicals would be used

    88,000 pounds of chemicals! And we don't even know what the chemicals are!

  2. I think the Cabot spokepeople should be perfectly willing, then, to drink a glass of ice cold well water from one of those Dimock wells. The airlines can make nursing mothers take a sip of their own bottled breast milk to make sure they aren't bringing some kind of dangerous fluid aboard. So why shouldn't gas executives be asked to do the same with well water?



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