Thursday, March 19, 2009


Think we are just talking about our MONEY? NOPE. Or about having the value of our IRA's tank — or watching our life savings disappear? NOPE. This is bigger and more expensive than the $65 billion Madoff swindle. This is about STOLEN water, health, homes and way of life. This involves smart behind-the-scenes deals made primarily during the Bush administration with oil and gas industry people that put the safety and value of our most basic and VITAL needs at risk. Happily, for them, they have been PARDONED by our government for polluting or otherwise destroying our drinking water. Homes without drinkable water or aquifers permanently corrupted by drilling toxins are a violation of everything we believe in and their loss can bankrupt towns and neighborhoods. Did you know that poisonous or toxic waste becomes "safe" (or secret, like Coke!) when our government EXEMPTS the gas industry from responsibility for the impact of their acts!
"Eleven of the 65 chemicals used by the oil and gas industry were listed as hazardous wastes when disposed of unused by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). The Act, passed in 1976, was designed to protect human health and the environment from the potential hazards of waste disposal. BUT, the oil and gas industry is exempt under RCRA, which (should) protect citizens from wastes classified as hazardous." (OGAP 2007)
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  1. The links here are well worth looking at. The subsidies the gas industry receives are shocking. The Congress people who voted for the Energy Bill of 2005 should all have been voted out.

    There is an excellent 3-part talk found at:

    Barbara Arrindell, cofounder and Chief Science Officer of Damascus Citizens for Sustainability and graduate of Columbia University in Bioengineering, talks about the chemicals used in gas drilling and the harm they do. Her talk was given just last week (March 17th). She is soft spoken, yet compelling. Well worth a look.

    SPLASHDOWN, keep up the excellent work you are doing!



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