Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sierra Club Creating New Hydrofracking Activist Team – You’re Invited!

Sierra Activist
16 February 2010

The Sierra Club is in the process of finalizing team charge approval for a new hydrofracking activist team. Our team’s goal is to address the environmental and health effects of hydraulic fracturing for gas. We will primarily work to research and report on these issues and help activists on the ground who are facing problems with hydrofracking. We will provide information and recommendations on hydrofracking policy internally to club leaders and are authorized to publically represent the Sierra Club on the issue of hydrofracturing technology and its effects.

I am serving as the team leader for the present, and am looking for activists with experience or interest in hydrofracking to join the hydrofracking team. We need a few good core team leaders and all the supporting team activists we can get. Every attempt will be made to have work done on an organized piecemeal basis, so I hope to have plenty of work for supporting team members and not overload the core members. I also would like to identify individuals to serve as the conduit for information with chapters and groups, particularly for areas with active or planned hydraulic fracturing activity.

Even if you are not personally interested or able to join, I would appreciate your passing this note on to others in hydrofrack areas.

Contact me directly with any questions. You can join our support team right now by going to:

See the basic outline of the planned database at:


Jessica Helm



  1. Hmm, so does this mean that the Sierra Club is going stop running around supporting fracking?

  2. One could hope as much. In fact, as in life, the answer is much more subtle. We will do our best to work from within the Club to get support out to all you fighting the good fight. I hope you will consider joining the activist team. We need more PA people!



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