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Water Well Contamination

Cornell University Cooperative Extension offers the following documents pertaining to water well contamination resulting from natural gas development. All instances of contamination that we have found thus far have not been caused by hydro-fracturing chemicals, but have been instead caused by improper well casings that have resulted in methane migration into aquifers or the turbidity that results from methane migration or ground vibrations.

SPLASHDOWN Editorial: Contrary to the above claim that all instances of contamination have not been caused by hydro-fracturing chemicals, real proof exists:

See Bluedaze post with pictures, video and link to more links re: sick and dying livestock and wildlife.

See below: Cause of cow deaths in Caddo Parish remains a mystery...

See also: Exxon Mobil pays fine in case tied to bird deaths.

Penn. DEP Notice of Violations to Cabot Oil and Gas Re: Dimock Gas Migration. Improper casing caused methane migration.

DEP Tests Dimock Water Wells and finds no contamination from hydro-fracturing chemicals.

The Garfield County Study of Methane Contamination
(all links)

Update on the Ongoing Investigation of the Presence of Methane Gas in Water Wells in Laramie/Fox Hill Aquifer (PDF), From Colorado Oil & Gas Commission's David S. Neslin to the Weld County Commission, April 13, 2009

NYS DEC Slideshow: Marcellus Shale Exploration

Contamination of Private Water Supplies by Gas Well Drilling in New York State, by Stephen Penningroth, PhD Executive Director, Community Science Institute, 2009.

Ohio Department of Natural Resources - Report on the Investigation of the Natural Gas Invasion of Aquifers in Bainbridge Township of Geauga County, Ohio 153-page report blamed a nearby gas well's faulty concrete casing and hydraulic fracturing on methane contamination.

Scientific Paper:
"Contamination of Aquifers by Overpressuring" Annulus of Oil and Gas Wells Samuel S. Harrison, May/June 1985

BP to clean up contaminated water well- Public involvement requires written request Pinedale Online! - August 20, 2007

Hydrocarbons found in 85 Jonah/Pinedale Anticline water wells. 3 of the 85 have Benzene Hydrocarbon levels above allowable WY DEQ levels by Dawn Ballou, Editor, Pinedale Online! - April 26, 2007

Air Quality Contamination

Barnett Shale Area
Emissions from natural Gas Production in the Barnett Shale Area and Opportunities for Cost-Effective Improvements by Al Armendariz, Ph.D. Dept. of Environmental & Civil Engineering, Southern Methodist University, Jan. 26, 2009.

Texas State Agency Backs SMU Ozone Study

Wyoming Area

Air Pollution Advisory Issued: The Air Quality Division of Wyoming's Department of Environmental Quality is issuing an air pollution advisory beginning Wed., Feb. 27, for the Upper Green River Basin in Sublette County.

Sublette County Reaches EPA Ozone "Non-Attainment" Status

Wyoming Dept. of Environmental Quality Interim Policy on Air Quality Compliance & Permitting Procedures.
(Details situation, and role of gas companies, and permitting procedure)

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