Thursday, August 5, 2010

RED ALERT! Trouble in Paradise Redux!

Residents evacuated yesterday (Aug. 4th) on Paradise Road.
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5:30 p.m. Update: Paradise Road Family Still Out of Home
Rocket-Courier Reports:

Paradise Road residents, Jared and Heather McMicken and family, were still reportedly out of their Terry Township home and staying with friends or neighbors Thursday.

The unconfirmed word is that they were advised by DEP or another agency monitoring the methane levels that it was potentially unsafe to stay there. They moved out of the residence sometime Wednesday, A neighbor reported this morning that they were still out of their house and had turned the electricity off. Look for a full story in next week's print edition and possible updates on our web page.



  1. I simply cannot imagine how hard it is for this family to have to evacuate their home. I believe the wife is pregnant, too. This is not part of Chesapeake's good neighbor policy I presume.

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