Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our planet's industrial scars...

In these images, from the Today website, photographer J Henry Fair documents the unsustainable consumption of our planet’s natural resources...
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This is an image of a waste pit for drilling mud; byproducts from these mining operations include rock debris, drill bit lubricants, and possibly residual radioactive material. The type of waste being produced indicates that exploration is still in progress. The overspray on the bottom right is a violation and a danger to any water bodies below.

This image shows another waste pit at a hydro-fracing drill site. Again, we see a waste pit for drilling mud. The overspray in this image can be seen at the top, and is, again, a violation and a danger to any water bodies downhill.

This hydro-fracing site has a holding pond from which compounds are allowed to evaporate into the air, and what looks like an old chemical spill.

Here, the gas drilling rights dwarf the farm that hosts them. Some farmers who have signed leases are exploring legal means of escape. Hydro-fracing can deplete the water table in the area, contaminate the wells on the host property as well as those nearby, aside from being a horrible eyesore.

In this image, we see the Millennium Pipeline Path, Delaware River, and the town of Hancock, N.Y. The pipeline's course, identified by the denuded strip, is clearly visible from the air. In spite of its name, the pipeline has already been disinterred to increase its capacity.

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  1. Devastating pictures of devastated land and devastated lives. And why do we need to extract this natural gas anyway? Apparently Russia, Qatar, and other foreign countries have so much natural gas to export that it seems strange the US is trying to convince Americans that we need to drill, drill, drill. The US imports natural gas. And it seems likely the US will export its natural gas to get the best price. So this is looking like an insane plan. We were told we needed to have energy independence. But the global production and sale of LNG is now taking over. The US is not becoming energy independent at all.

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